Mail in Tax Returns

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How to Mail-In Your Tax Return

Our objective is to simplify your tax return process not complicate it through long detailed questions. These forms sticks to the basics. When we ring you we can discuss any tax issues you may have that are outside the ordinary.

Each member of a couple needs to complete their own copy of the forms. These forms are not designed for taxpayers who are in business. If you are in business we recommend that you contact your nearest BAN TACS Office in person.

Mail-In Tax returns are only processed through our Central Cost office. Their postal address is PO Box 322, Budgewoi, NSW 2262


The standard price for a basic wage earner return is only $150
There will be a standard price of $120 for each Rental Property Schedule. If the rental property is jointly owned, you will be charged an extra $60.
Please note payment is required at the time of receiving your work.
If your return is more complex and will result in a higher fee than this, we will ring you before we start.

Payment Methods

Cheque can be posted to: PO Box 322, Budgewoi, NSW 2262

Or electronic payment: See your form for details


If you have any questions please ring Carolyn on (02) 4390 8512 or email:

Please use these forms as a guide and feel free to add information or comment when you are not sure how to address the question. We will be in contact with you personally when your tax return is being prepared so do not worry if you don’t understand something, we can discuss it when we ring. Please provide both your phone number for this purpose and your e-mail address so we can send you an e-mail if we cannot reach you by phone.

Mail-In Tax Return Forms

If you also have a rental property please fill out the rental property schedule (under additional forms below)

Additional Forms