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This page collates all, in one place, the massive amount of information on this site that is relevant to Property Investors. The majority of these services or information are free so please take the time to look all the way through the menu. It was very difficult to decide the order as there is so much relevant and useful material available. While taxation is a large portion there are also many other issues covered that are relevant to all kinds of property situations including your main residence. After 25 years in the professional accounting business we have discovered some great resources and trustworthy service providers. When you deal with anyone appearing on this web site, you are not just one single voice in their client base. Tell them you came from the BAN TACS web site and they will know that you are part of a large group of potential clients so you can expect excellent service.

Latest Property Blogs


October 4, 2022

At least the Reserve Bank has slowed down its rate of increase to only ¼%. Maybe that is a good sign the rate rises will stop soon.

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September 5, 2022

Being in business generally opens up a lot more tax advantages than just being an investor.

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April 11, 2022

General Deductions: You can only pay a maximum of 12 months in advance

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Property Investment Pre Purchase Due Diligence Service

Don’t buy a property without going through our pre purchase due diligence. In fact don’t even sign the contract before you see us. For all the details on this process click here

Overseas Investors

If you are an overseas visitor to this Web site because you have or want to buy a rental in Australia, then look no further.  Due to our high Google ranking we have received so many overseas enquiries that we have joined an association that can give us access to accountants in 125 countries worldwide. This means that not only can we give overseas investors all the advice they need in regard to Australian tax law but we can now find out just how your Australian investment will be treated in the country you reside in. In addition, the practitioner of our Burwood and Sydney NSW offices immigrated to Australia from China 14 years ago.  Jane Zhang and  Jen Yin  can provide advice to clients in Mandarin.   Frank Cutillo from our South Australian office can provide advice in Italian.


There have been a lot of changes in Australia lately relating to Australian property being owned by people living overseas, even Australian citizens.   If you own or want to purchase property in Australia, while living overseas, it is important that you read our Expats and Australian Property Booklet whether you are an Expat or not.

Any Questions

Please enjoy this page at your leisure, if there are any further questions you have, consider our Ask Bantacs service or contact one of our many offices by going to the about us section of the web site. You can also like our facebook community  page .where there are daily posts relevant to property investors and developers

Don’t forget to read our monthly free newsflash that always has at least one article relevant to property investors. This Newsflash is written in-house and has been operating since 1999 yet we are never short of articles because taxation changes constantly. The Newsflash is the most efficient way for you to keep abreast of rental property issues.

Why do we provide so much free information

Why do we provide so much free information for property investors? To spruiker proof you. Clients consult their accountant far too late in the decision making process. This is not just in regard to the purchase of a property. It includes arranging finance, engaging a quantity surveyor, CGT strategies, even repairs. If you won’t come to us then this site is about us coming to you or at least giving you a good idea on when it is important to speak with your accountant.


Property Investor Resources

Rental Property Owners - Non Resident of Australia

Please note: If you changed from being a resident to being a non-resident during the financial year, or vice-versa, use the Resident link