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Explaining the Complexities of Inter-Country Transaction

Whether you are living overseas and considering moving to Australia or an Australian considering moving overseas you must read our Overseas booklet to get the details on just what that transition means for tax purposes.

Many Australian expats still own their home in Australia and rent it out. This means they need to lodge an Australian tax return. We can do this through the mail.

Australian residents with foreign losses can now offset them against Australian income regardless of the type of loss and foreign tax paid on income that is taxable in Australia can be used to offset your Australian tax but only on foreign income not Australian income.

To determine whether you are an Australian resident for tax purposes. Use this ATO:Determination of residency wizard.

There have been a lot of changes in Australia lately relating to Australian property being owned by people living overseas, even Australian citizens.   If you own or want to purchase property in Australia, while living overseas, it is important that you read our Expats and Australian Property Booklet whether you are an Expat or not.

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Rental Property Owners - Non Resident of Australia

Please note: If you changed from being a resident to being a non-resident during the financial year, or vise-versa, use the Resident link

Languages Supported

Please make appointments at the following offices if you require language support for your Australian tax concerns:

Mandarin: Jane Zhang, Jen Yin

Italian: Frank Cutillo

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