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Land tax is a state and territory tax for the purposes of raising state/territory revenue. Land tax is paid to the state/territory which contains the land; not necessarily the state/territory in which you reside. If you own land in various state, we advise you to contact all the relevant state tax offices for information on your obligations and entitlements.

Make sure you find out what your obligations are; some states require you to register your main residence for exemption while others require you to register your land once you reach a land tax threshold. Each state varies in the exemptions and concessions it provides and varying dates are used throughout the year to levy the land tax.

The follow list is simply a consolidation of Land Tax information provided by various government sites and links to their land tax calculators. BAN TACS accepts no responsibility for information provided in the following links or for information gathered from their websites and displayed here.


ACT Land Tax re Trust or Corporation

From properties owned by a trust or a corporation are liable for land tax, even if they are not rented.
ACT Land Tax Billing

From… ACT has been divided into three sectors for billing purposes… Quarterly land tax assessments are sent out with the same due dates for payment as rates instalments for a property. …If payment of land tax is not received by the due date you will be liable for interest, charged and compounding on a monthly basis…

ACT Land Tax Calculators

ACT Calculators

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NSW Land Tax re Trust or Companies

From “If land is owned by a trustee of a special trust the land tax threshold does not apply”. Companies are assessed at various rates depending on their thresholds.

NSW Land Tax Billing

From tax is a tax levied on the owners of land in NSW as at midnight on 31 December of each year.

NSW Land Tax Calculators

NSW Land Tax Calculator

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The Northern Territory does not charge land tax.

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From state government imposes land tax on the owners of freehold land in Queensland as at midnight on 30 June each year.

QLD Land Tax Calculator

Please note, the above is a new page and therefore a new link provided by the Queensland government; the previous link provided no longer works and the Queensland government doesn’t redirect their old link to the new page.

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Land Tax Relief: “The Government has announced (subject to legislation being passed by Parliament), that land tax relief will be provided from 1 July 2010 by…
Overview: “Land ownership, site value and land use as at midnight 30 June each year is used to determine the land tax for the forthcoming financial year.

SA Land Tax Calculator

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From tax is an annual tax payable by anyone who owns property at 1 July each year, unless the land is…
From TAS Concessions and ExemptionsLandowners who, at June 30, have purchased a new principal place of residence but have not yet sold their current principal place of residence, may apply for a rebate (a transitional rebate) on their land tax. Land tax would normally be payable for the residence not being used as a principal place of residence on 1 July of the tax year. Landowners may apply for the transitional rebate whether or not the land tax has actually been paid.

TAS Land Tax Calculator

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From…landtaxLand tax is an annual tax levied on the owners of land in Victoria as at midnight on 31 December of the year preceding the year of assessment (i.e. 2010 assessment is based on land holdings at 31 December 2009).
Victoria varies their land tax rate according to municipality.

VIC Calculators including land tax calculator

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From Tax is an annual tax which is based on the aggregated taxable value of ALL land you owned (excluding exempt land) at midnight on 30 June before the year of assessment. For example, the owner of land at 30 June 2009 is assessed in respect of the 2009-10 financial year (year of assessment).
WA has a rather long list of exemptions and concessions

WA Calculator

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