Stamp Duty by State & Territory

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Stamp duty is a state and territory tax for the purposes of raising state/territory revenue. Like land tax, stamp duty is paid to the state/territory which contains the land; not necessarily the state/territory in which you reside. If you own land in various states, we advise you to contact all the relevant state tax offices for information on your obligations and entitlements.

Testing of the top four Google results for ‘Stamp Duty Calculator’ was interesting. While all the calculators provided were good looking and functional, the results they provided never matched each other… varying by thousands of dollars. So we decided to give you heads-up on where you will find the information you really need.

The follow list is simply a consolidation of Stamp Duty information provided by various government sites and links to their stamp duty calculators. BAN TACS accepts no responsibility for information provided in the following links or for information gathered from their websites and displayed here.


A table is provided on the page for you to calculate your stamp duty
From who purchase property (houses, land, land and improvements or commercial premises) located in the ACT must pay duty on that purchase.
The lodgment for duty of interdependent land and building contracts will continue to be assessed as off the plan agreements. For further information see Off the plan agreements, assessment of duty [RTF, 1.4Mb], [PDF, 20 Kb].
Duty is calculated on the greater of the purchase price or the market value of the property. This rate of duty is often referred to as conveyance rates..

If you are purchasing a home and/or land you may be eligible for assistance under the First Home Owner Grant and the Home buyer concession.
Other forms of assistance for eligible purchasers include:

To cover all your bases, make sure you visit the above site. There are different calculations for land improvements.


They don’t make it easy, the NSW government wants you to do a lot of reading. A page promising calculators exists but, as of when we were looking for them, there were no calculators available. Do check this page in case a calculator or two turn up:

Otherwise, for general duty enquiries – for conveyances, mortgages, contracts and premium property duty – they provided these contact details:

Phone: 1300 139 814
Fax: (02) 9689 8280

The following pages appear to be the most relevant reading to do on the matter:

The last link advises that duty is paid within three months to avoid a ‘tax default’.


Queensland gives you a table and a link to past rates


South Australia kindly provides a simple, easy to use page for calculating stamp duty on conveyances. Please do read their disclaimer.


Tasmania is a bit ambiguous about Stamp Duty; it looks liket there is a bit of reading to do to figure out what concessions you might be eligible for and what forms you need to fill out (see the second link for their Home page).
Stamp Duty table of figures Tasmania’s State Revenue Office Home page


This page says that Victoria has Abolished – Duties Act (Stamps) Rates:…

This link will take you to the Victorian Governments landing page for their State Revenue Office.


Use this link to access WA’s Tax Calculators then select ‘Transfer Duty’ from the left hand menu.